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About us

Gorgan Va Dasht History

The first phase of Gorgan Va Dasht Cattle and Poultry Feed Production Factory was inaugurated by the current president of Islamic Republic of Iran in 1993 in area 27000 square meters. At first, this factory with automatic devices manufactured by Germany with total producing capacity of 100thousand tons, could revolutionize the consumption of prepared animal feed in Golestan state and totaly the whole country. In 2010, by establishment of poultry feed production line, Gorgan Va Dasht took a major step on it’s way and in this regard, the second phase of factory with european devices with capacity of 42thousand tons, specially for prepared poultry feed production, launched. Given that the company has always been in progress and so many agreements was signed between birders and Gorgan Va Dasht, we decided to construct a new factory line with advanced and up-to-date devices. So the third phase of Gorgan Va Dasht was launched with capacity of 42thousand tons in 2015, specially for prepared feed for poultry and total production capacity of Gorgan Va Dasht reached the amount of 184thousand tons in a year.

gorgandasht overview

In addition to quantitive developement, Gorgan Va Dasht has always tried to upgrade the quality of it’s products. This goal will be reached when quality control procedures be done carefully. The quality control procedure in Gorgan Va Dasht starts from purchasing raw material and fundamental inputs will be prepare only from trusted resourses. Raw materials kept in quarantine place at first and after quality control laboratory confirmation, they will be transfered to the warehouses. In the quality control laboratory, all kind of examinations such as physical, chemical  and microbial characterisitcs examinations, will be done on these materials, so that we make sure about the quality of them. Also we test the materials due to the presence of bacteria, fungi and fungal toxins such as Aflatoxin.

Gorgan Va Dasht Quality

After quality control unit confirmation, cereals will be transfered to special silages. These silages have ability to keep all kinds of cereals for long time without quality loss and They help FIFO maintenance process. Also other fundamental materials such as all kinds of vitamin and mineral supplements, Amino acids, Di-calcium phosphate and etc. kept in separate warehouses, with the aim of no loss of quality. During use of inputs and totally all levels of production, quality of products will be examined and after sampling and quality confirmation, loading will be allowed.

Poultry feed production starts with advanced batching system with possibility of HMI and without manual intervention. In this level, specified amount of each cereals will be transferred from silages to the production line automatically. Then Powerful mills grind cereals and bring them in powdered form. Powders will be saved in tanks and will be batched with minimum fault during production. After that, the mixer will mix them completely. This mixed of powders, will be transferred to the Conditioner device, where baking process will be done with dry steam at 70° for 120seconds. Conversion of cereals starch to gelatin is the most important characteristic of this process. This mix will be transferred to the Pelletizer device, where it will be changing to pellets in various sizes. Pellets will be transferred to the Pellet-Cooler device to complete the cooling process. PPLA system is one of the newest technologies available in Gorgan Va Dasht Factory. This system will spray moisture and heat sensitive materials on pellets after cooling constantly, so nutrients needed by poultry such as enzymes and vitamins, will be recieved by the bird intact. After this level, pellets will be transfered to silages and after quality control laboratory confirmation, the process of loading will be continued.

All the incoming vehicles, will be washed with disinfectants with the aim of pathogenic microbes prevention. After sending the product, Gorgan Va Dasht after-sales service unit, monitor the products carefully and keep connected to customer to offer advice to customers with the aim of achieving the best results. Research and development unit is one of Gorgan Va Dasht’s  strengths. Gorgan Va Dasht’s R&Ds were able to achieve horse feed formula, as a result of extensive market research and consultation and participation of European scientists. By analyzing the horse feed market situation and customers feedback, it’s clearly deduced that Gorgan Va Dasht’s horse feed, with Sarvin brand, is more efficient than other european brands.

gorgandasht honors

The honors

Given that Gorgan Va Dasht has always been in progress and tried to improve it’s products quality, there are other products that this factory produces, such as special ostrich feed, special turkey feed, partridge feed and quail feed. Gorgan Va Dasht has a special production line(first phase) for milking cattles feed and two production line(phase2 and phase 3) specially for poultry feed production. The remarkable thing is all products of Gorgan Va Dasht, containing products for fattened cattle, products for milking cattle and products for poultry, totally reaches more than 70 products.

Gorgan Va Dasht Cattle and Poultry Feed Production Factory, was known as the province’s industrial sample unit since 2004 to 2016 several times and in 2014, Gorgan Va Dasht was known as the country’s industrial sample unit. Given that customers have the highest value and respectable for us, Gorgan Va Dasht was able to obtain the statue of sample unit for observing consumer rights in 2016.

All of these is about to produce healthy feed for cattle and poultry and as a result healthy and useful meat and milk for household consumption. Human beings always need healthy and sufficient food and who meet these needs, Guarantees bright future.

Our motto has always been: “Healthy feed, Healthy animals, Healthy food, Healthy people”.