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Everything related to poultry infectious bronchitis

Poultry infectious bronchitis is an acute viral disease with high transmissibility in chickens, which is characterized by tracheal lesions, coughing and sneezing. Infectious bronchitis virus can lead to respiratory lesions, kidney inflammations, reproductive disorders and weight loss in affected birds. The virus that causes infectious bronchitis belongs to the genus of coronaviruses from the Coronaviridae family. This disease causes high economic damage and causes weight loss and food efficiency. The country’s broiler and egg-laying chicken breeding industry suffers huge losses every year due to infectious bronchitis disease, and despite the widespread use of vaccines, this disease is observed in the form of widespread epidemics in the country. All infectious diseases of the respiratory tract of poultry, including infectious bronchitis, which cause the destruction of lung tissue, will lead to a decrease in respiratory capacity, therefore, by increasing pulmonary blood pressure, they cause ascites syndrome. The lungs of birds are less flexible than mammals, and their blood capillaries are less flexible. Considering that one of the important factors in growth is oxygen supply and aerobic oxidation, in herds suffering from infectious bronchitis, food metabolism is impaired due to pulmonary insufficiency and insufficient oxygen supply, which has a negative effect on metabolism.

Symptoms: sneezing, coughing, runny nose, wheezing, snoring, swelling of the eyelids and tears from the eyes.

Prevention: The spread of this disease can be prevented by observing hygiene in the rearing environment and vaccinating poultry with bronchitis vaccine.

Treatment: clean the place where the bird lives and wash it with warm water. Instead of drinking water, prepare honey syrup and lemon juice and let them drink from this solution. To prepare this syrup, pour honey and lemon juice in equal proportions in cooled boiled water and mix well.

Another method that works for you is to take multivitamins. Pour the multivitamin tablet into the drinking water. This helps to recover faster.

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