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Especial feed

Especial Feed in the production line of Gorgan Dasht company is produced and supplied in two forms, pellets and powder. The density of the product in pellet form is equal to 8mm. In order to maximize the efficiency of this product, the research and development unit of Gorgan Dasht has suggested the best way to use this product for breastfeeding an average of 20 to 30 kilograms for a day, in the table below.

Materials Amount (Kg)
Lucerne 5.6
Chaff 0.5
Corn Silage 19
Gorgan Dasht Especial Feed 13.3

Gorgan Dasht company always uses the best ration for the production of products with the aim of satisfying the dear livestock farmers and increasing the quality of the products. Below are the nutrients and compounds that make up the Especial Feed:

Nutrients Amount
Humidity % 12
Crude Protein (CP) % 17.5
Crude Fiber (CF) % 7.1
Ash % 6.2
Crude Fat % 5.5
NDF % 22
Salt % 0.45
Vitamin A IU/Kg 350,000
Vitamin D3 IU/Kg 1,500
Vitamin E mg/Kg 65
Phosphor % 0.5
Calcium % 0.9
Urea % 0.5
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