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Ross Grower 2

Ross Grower 2 is produced and supplied in the form of pellets in the production line of Gorgan Dasht Company. The diameter for this product is equal to 4mm. According to the proposal of Gorgan Dasht Research and Development Unit, this product is suitable for broiler chickens from 15 days old to 34 days old, and an average consumption of 2,300g will be acceptable. Among the ingredients of this product, we can mention corn seeds, soybean meal, corn gluten, soybean oil, calcium carbonate, salt, di-calcium phosphate, baking soda, etc. Gorgan Dasht Company always uses the best ration for the production of products with the aim of satisfying the dear poultry farmers and increasing the quality of the products. Below are the nutrients and compounds that make up Ross Grower 2:

Nutrients Amount
Metabolizable Energy Kcal/Kg 2,850 - 2,900
Protein % 18 - 19
Crude Fiber (CF) % 5
Lysine % 0.94
Methionine + Cysteine % 0.6
Methionine % 0.43
Threonine % 0.5
Phosphor % 0.32
Calcium % 0.82
Minimum Vitamin A IU/Kg 8,500
Minimum Vitamin E IU/Kg 45
Minimum Vitamin D3 IU/Kg 3,200
Minimum Vitamin B1 MG/Kg 1.8
Minimum Vitamin B2 MG/Kg 5.5
Minimum Vitamin B6 MG/Kg 1.75
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