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Calf Feed

Calf Feed is produced and supplied in the form of pellets and the density of the product is 5mm. In order to achieve the best results, the suggested method for consumption of this feed has been determined below by the research and development unit of Gorgan Va Dasht Company  for dear livestock farmers:

  1. First phase: From second day of born, it’s better to feed the calf with our starter freely, beside fresh water, but this should be note that feeding must be in high frequence and low amount. After 75 to 85days after born, It’s Necessary to cut off the calf from milk. This is very important that calves must eat at least 850gr of dry matter at this age.
  2. Second phase: It’s recommanded to use Gorgan Va Dasht Calf Feed until the end of 6 month for better and faster growth. It’s suggested that calves eat Lucerne and Gorgan Va Dasht Calf Feed freely. In this period, calves must eat 40% of lucerne and 60% of Gorgan Va Dasht Calf Feed blended.

Gorgan Va Dasht company always uses the best ration for the production of products with the aim of satisfying the dear livestock farmers and increasing the quality of the products. Below are the nutrients and compounds that make up the Calf Feed:

Nutrients Amount
Total Digestible Nutrients (TDN) % 80±0.5
Net Growth Energy Mcal/Kg 1.32±0.1
Net Sustenance Energy Mcal/Kg 1.95±0.1
Dry Matter % 88±0.5
Crude Protein (CP) % 21±0.3
Magnesium % 44±0.2
Calcium % 63±0.2
Phosphor % 57±0.2
ADF % 60±0.5
NDF % 10±0.5
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